Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Why should I chose Study Financing Netherlands?

We will help students and recent graduates find part-time jobs, internships and financing. Our unique services will help you finance your studies, become more financially independent, gain new experience and create new connections.

Will you help me find a part time job or an internship?

This depends on a number of factors, specifically your CV, previous experience, education and working status/permit. You can fill out a free request and we will get in contact with you to see whether we can help you find a part time job.

Will you help me find a full time job?

Unfortunately, no. You can visit Hoitalent for FT job opportunities.

Why should you go to Study Financing Netherlands before going to DUO?

We will save you time and money + answer most of your questions without you having to lift a finger. Read more about why here.

What Study Financing can I apply for and how much can I get?

  1. Student Finance from the Dutch Ministry of Education.
Per Month
Basic grant (abolished since September 2015)€ 286,15
Supplementary grant€ 271.19
Tuition fees loan€162.58
Total€ 1.025.08

2. Scholarships

How do I apply for Student Finance?

What are the main requirements I have to meet to be eligible for Student Finance?

1. Work 56/hours per month

2. Be enrolled as a undergraduate/graduate student at a Dutch institution

3. Be from the EU/EEA or Switzerland

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I am a student applying for 2015/2016. Can I still get student finance?

Yes, though there are some minor changes. As of 1 September 2015 a new student finance system applies to students in higher vocational education and university. The most important change is the abolition of the basic grant. This rule affects those receiving student finance for the first time from 1 September 2015, for either a bachelor or master study.

What interest rates on loans does DUO offer?

Currently, DUO offers an Annual interest rate of 0.12%. The interest rate that you will be charged will be the most recent one available on the DUO website.