Kristan is sharp, direct, straight to the point, resourceful and objective. Information provided is useful, concise and relevant. He brings in a service that most of foreign students seek and crave for and provides it in highly professional and adjusted to circumstances manner.

15/12 15:30 Available on short notice, very informative

Arranged to have a Skype meeting within days, and provided relevant and useful information. Can only suggest this to fellow students!

07/12 05:32 Feedback

The service looks quite useful so far. Information provided is valuable.

05/12 18:20 Value for money

No stalling and very informative! Kristian cuts right to the chase and gives you all the insight you need!

03/12 13:19 Very helpful

Our skype session was very helpful and informational. His efforts were beyond obligations. Proffesional and personal approach were in place. Keep up good work.

02/12 19:18 SFR Skype Session

It was an informative session which clarified some things I was interested and also delivered some new information. The conversation was held in a friendly and understanding manner.

02/12 18:29 Skype session

The agent was punctual, informative and very helpful. I highly reccommend the service to anyone who is having issues on the topic.

01/12 21:20 Infosession

Informative, clear, accessible.

30/11 19:20 Skype session about study finance

Kristian is a really nice and helpful person, we had a great conversation: he is helping me a lot and he is keeping me updated about the development of my issue.

30/11 16:37 Review on converstion

Rapid response and clear answers. Definitely recommend it, if you dont know about Study Financierung in Holland