Employment Types for Working in the Netherlands

Employment Contracts in Holland


In Holland, there are three types of contract that you can sign. What are your contract possibilities?

Temporary labor contract

This is quite simple and straightforward agreement between you and your employee, stating that you will work a certain amount of hours monthly and get compensated for your hours. The period is specified on the contract with a starting date and an ending date. No dismissal procedure is needed if you fulfill the agreed period, but if you have to cease it before the contract date, there are certain dismissal procedures and terms of notice that either you, or your employer have to fulfill.

Students will typically get zero hour contracts, which means that even though they are employed, the employer does not guarantee any working hours during the employment period. If you are applying for student financing, this means that you will typically have to hand in your payslips more often than if you had a set number of working hours per month.

Usually, you will first begin a trial working period between 1 to 2 months, depending on your employer and type of job.

Note: Although this working agreement can be verbally agreed upon, in order to meet the requirements of  student financing, you need a written one.

Permanent labor contract

The difference between the temporary labor contract and the permanent labor contract, is that the latter has no ending date. This means that the terms of notice for employment end are also changed when applied to permanent labor contract.

This contract can be ended by one of the parties, and the rules for doing so are different for both employers and employees. As an employee, you are required to give your employer notice at least one month in advance. However, your employer must apply for a dismissal permit first. This is one of the reasons contributing to why nowadays, most of the employers in Holland offer temporary contracts, rather than permanent.

Contract with an agency

A temp agency or commercial employment agency (`uitzendbureaus` in Dutch) is an institution that helps you find a potential employer. Unfortunately, most agencies only help Dutch students get jobs. Take a look at our job board to see what positions are also available for non-Dutch students.

This type of contract fundamentally differs from the previous two types. The agency is your official employer, although in reality you will be working at a different company. The idea is that the employer finds you and hires you through the temp agency. However, beware that you will not be protected against dismissal during a certain temp period, but at the same time you are free to terminate your employment if not satisfied.

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Employment Types for Working in the Netherlands

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